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About Beach Bowls

About our Acai and Smoothie Cafe

We love to be healthy and support our community!

Here at Beach Bowls we love to be healthy! That means we love to make sure you’re healthy too! We buy fresh and organic fruit daily and make your order fresh! We support local famers by buying all of our fruit local.

About our Location

Our Acai and Smoothie Cafe is Located in Downtown Fort Pierce

Our Acai and Smoothie Cafe is Located in Downtown Fort Pierce

We Are Open!


Beach Bowls In The News!

Learn more about Beach Bowls and the Owner Michael Croke in this local news article that was written about Beach Bowls!!

“FORT PIERCE — Kailee Hill, 23, and Ayrianna Macrellis, 27, couldn’t wait for Beach Bowls to open.
The friends live near downtown Fort Pierce, and they noticed a sign for the new business appear next to Krazy Fish restaurant on Avenue A about a year ago.

“I’ve been waiting for something like this downtown,” Hill said. “There’s nothing like this really over here.”
The two sat outside the small shop, finally enjoying their açaí (pronounced ah-sigh-EE) bowls.
“I’m happy they’re here,” Macrellis said. “It’s delicious.”

Beach Bowls opened at the end of May after owner Michael Croke signed a lease more than a year ago. He said opening was delayed for several reasons, including the coronavirus pandemic.
But he’s been open every day since, to share his love of açaí bowls with the community.

“I tried them one day, and I absolutely fell in love with them,” Croke, 27, said. “I’ve been eating açaí bowls now twice a day almost going on three years. I used to have to go all the way down south just to get a good bowl, and I wanted something healthy and delicious around here.”

Croke is originally from New York but lived in Fort Pierce most of his life. He had been a boat captain after he got his license at age 19, and he saved all the money he made from fishing.

“I was actually going to start a fish restaurant,” Croke said. “When I found about açaí, I just completely switched over to this.”
His previous career factored into the business’ name, which he said nearby Intuitive Art Studio artist Christian Sean Young painted as a mural on the building.
“My lifestyle always has revolved around the beach and being on the water,” Croke said, “and I thought it would go perfect with the bowls that I make.”

Açaí berries have been touted as a superfood, according to the Mayo Clinic. A grape-like fruit harvested from açaí palm trees native to the rainforests of South America, açaí, like other berries, contain antioxidants and fiber.
Croke gets his açaí berries from Brazil, where they are immediately flash frozen and shipped. He said he can’t get them fresh because they spoil within 24 hours of picking.

For the açaí bowl at Beach Bowls, he blends the berries with minimal banana and strawberry so the latter two fruits don’t overpower the base of the bowl. He then adds granola, honey, blueberries and slices of bananas and strawberries, but all bowls can be customized with different fruits, toppings and protein bases, such as chia seeds and peanut butter.”

His pitaya bowl is similar, but he uses a base of dragon fruit, pineapple and banana. He also offers smoothies — which contain oats, dates and almond milk — as well as smoothie bowls.

The “CocoLoco Bowl” has a base of coconut, pineapple and banana and is topped with the same three fruits and honey. The “Funky Monkey Bowl” has a base of banana, almond butter and cocoa nibs, the same topping and almonds and chocolate honey.

His menu items have no added sugars, fillers, preservatives or artificial coloring. He tries to use organic and local when possible, buying fruit from Nelson’s Family Farms in Fort Pierce and honey from Hani Honey Company in Stuart.

There’s no need for ovens or microwaves at Beach Bowls because nothing has to be cooked.
“We’re strictly blenders here,” Croke said. “Blending professionals.”

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